For the character known as Bolivar Trask who appears in the movie X-Men: The Last Stand, see Bolivar Trask (Homeland Security) (Earth-10005)

Bolivar Trask was the CEO of Trask Industries in the early 1970s. Spurred on by a belief that mutants would one day rise up and exterminate Homo sapiens, Trask created the Sentinel program, a line of robotic weapons designed to hunt down and kill mutants in preparation for that day. After conducting experiments on various mutants, including Brotherhood members Azazel and Angel, Trask became the target of the vengeful, shape-shifting mutant Mystique. She assassinated Trask during the Paris Peace Accords in 1973.

However, Trask's assassination had an adverse affect on the mutant community. Fearing the threat posed by other mutants, President Nixon agreed to the activation of the Sentinel program. Furthermore, military officials got hold of a sample of Mystique's blood, which Trask Industries would in 50 years weaponize for their latest line of Sentinels, giving them the ability to adapt to their environment. This line of Sentinels proved too powerful, leaving cities in ruin and almost completely wiping out mutantkind. In order to prevent this dystopian situation from having ever happened, the remaining X-Men teamed up with the resistance group known as the Free Mutants and sent Wolverine's mind back to 1973 with the mission of preventing Trask's assassination.[1]

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