After the Avengers were killed by the Absorbing Man in Washington, D.C., Tony Stark (one of the few survivors) was commissioned to create the Iron Avengers, robots based on the deceased Avengers, on the behalf of President Norman Osborn. A model was based after Pietro Maximoff, aka Quicksilver. It was a robot armed with Iron Man technology that could mimic Quicksilver's super-speed as well, it was also programmed with his personality and memories. This Iron Avenger of Quicksilver would operate under the leadership of the Vision, another survivor of the Avengers massacre. They would serve as the front line of defense to President Osborn and New York City. They would defend the city from being overrun by the alien Hydra creatures that infested the streets, and would aid Thor in fighting off Frost Giants brought to Earth by Loki.

When the Skull invaded New York, the Iron Avengers were dispatched to try and stop his invasion. However, they were easily destroyed. Following the defeat of the Skull, King Britain ordered an army of Iron Avengers be made to protect the world following a number of global crisis. Among the army of Iron Men created were a number based on the original Iron Avenger design for Quicksilver. These based on the Quicksilver model would be dubbed "Bolt". They would be charged under the new Black Bolt and aid in his attempt to liberate Magneto who was enslaved by the Toad when the two briefly swapped powers. Later, a number of the Bolt models would defend New York from the resurrected Absorbing Man, and later would attend the wedding of King Britain and Medusa. The Bolt model robots were last seen accompanying Iron Maiden into space to free the Eternals.

Their current whereabouts, and if they succeeded in their mission remains to be revealed.

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