Bolts of Balthakk
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Doctor Strange[src]

The Bolts of Balthakk was a spell that called upon the powers of Balthakk to conjure or summon some type of offensive electrical discharges.[1][2]


When Dream Weaver attack Doctor Strange and Clea, Strange used the Bolts of Balthakk to hold back her efforts.[1]

Doctor strange later called upon the Bolts of Balthakk and the power of Dyzakk to banish the mystic energies of Umar the Unrelenting.[3]

While in Hades helping Doctor Doom free his mother's soul, Doctor Strange used the Bolts of Balthakk to repel the demonic forces of Mephisto.[4] Later Doctor Strange used both the Bolts of Balthakk and the Flames of the Faltine to battle Mephisto's demonic forces inside Hotel Inferno in Las Vegas.[2]

When Doctor Strange was exorcising Xennerak from a home in Kansas, he used the Bolts of Balthakk to sever the demon's tentacles.[5]

After having his hands magically restored,[6] Doctor Strange was unable to cast the Bolts of Balthakk against Chondar².[7]

When Blue Marvel and H.E.R.B.I.E. attempted to arrest Doctor Doom on North Brother Island, Doom used the Bolts of Balthakk to fend them off.[8]

When he was attacked in the Second Dimension, Doctor Strange used the Bolts of Balthakk to free himself from the tentacles of his attackers.[9]

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