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Anthony was the son of a old Army friend of the mutant Logan. When his powers started developing, Logan was asked to help find him, which he did in the middle of Harlem. Anthony then exploded and his presumed dead body was recovered by a mysterious government agency.[1]

This event set Logan and his partner Creed to wage war against U.S. Government for their part in capturing mutants, forming their own team. Finding Anthony alive on one their raids, he joined the team and took the name Bomb.[2]

After proving to be a threat, Virus set Bolivar Trask's Sentinels to the location of the team's safehouse.[3]

The team was greatly outmatched by the Sentinels, resulting in the safehouse catching fire. Wolverine ordered the young mutants to retreat, disbanding the team. Bomb and the rest were declared by the U.S. Government to have perished in the flames but it is unclear if they actually did.[4]

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Bomb can explode and reform at will, similar to Nitro. He can also create explosive energy in various forms, such as balls, cylinders, even continuous streams/beams/rays.

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