Bombu was an alien conqueror from the planet Oobagon VIII. He received accredited acclaim amongst his superiors for successfully subjugating more than 275 worlds for the glory of the Oobagon Empire. Many years ago, the Oobagonian high commander sent Bombu to Earth on a scouting mission. Bombu appeared in South America and terrified the natives with his fearsome visage and impressive displays of power. Bombu mistakenly believed that all natives of the planet Earth shared the same developmental state and technological savvy as this one primitive tribe. Bombu's plans for subjugating Earth were cut short however when he was struck down by a lightning bolt of his own creation. The natives, no longer awed by Bombu's powers began pelting him with garbage, forcing him to return to his home world with his proverbial tail tucked between his legs. [1]

Years later, the Oobagonian high commander instructed Bombu to prepare for a second attempt to conquer the planet Earth. Bombu was reluctant to return to the world where he experienced such humiliation, but obeyed his superior's orders nonetheless. This time, Bombu appeared in the middle of a densely populated, major American city armed with his Wallah Wallah Bing Bang and his Ting Tang. Local law enforcement officers were not particularly impressed with Bombu's dramatic presence, and they easily incapacitated him with a taser. Bombu was arrested and placed into a county jail. He was allowed one telephone call which he used to report his failures to his high commander.

Powers and Abilities


  • Magic: Bombu wielded abilities which were alien in nature, but could only be described as mystical. Such abilities included conjuration, the ability to alter his size and mass, levitation and limited elemental control. In fact, it was this control (or lack thereof) of the elements that nearly cost Bombu his life during his initial scouting mission. He was struck by a bolt of lightning from a storm that he had summoned.



Bombu used alien weaponry from his home world which he referred to as his "Wallah Wallah Bing Bang". The power of his Wallah Wallah Bing Bang was supplemented by another weapon called the "Ting Tang".


  • Stan Lee's involvement with the creation of this character is a matter of speculation. It is well known that Lee wrote and/or co-wrote many of the Journey Into Mystery issues published during the 1950s and 60s, though he is credited only as the editor in Bombu's first appearance in issue #60.

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