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Bond is a born and bred killer, a killer who solely serves the whims of the woman whom activated his latent mutant genes, Candra.[1]



Bond, like most of those that serves Candra, he received his powers when she tapped into his mutagenic potential through her telekinesis and brought it to the surface, granting Bond super powers.[1]

Superhuman Strength: Bond strength is such, that he can walk through a closed, solid wooden door like it was nothing.

Superhuman Durability: Not only does pain and the fear of pain mean nothing to him, but he is unaffected by the damage of a sandstorm or walking through a solid wooden door. Bond is even able to withstand Gambit's kinetically charged playing cards sustaining no damage. Even being hit by Gambit's kinetically charged up telescoping Bo-staff, only knocked Bond down for a brief moment.[1]

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