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While monster hunting in Prague, Elsa Bloodstone confronted the Bone Beast Queen, who attempted to take over her body. Elsa ended up with getting her Bloodstone infected, causing her to slowly begin dying.[1]

Later, Elsa convinced Deadpool to battle against the Bone Beast Queen so her infection could be cured. They travelled to Greenland and entered the Bone Beast Dimension to kill the Queen. However, the real reason Elsa had brought Deapool along was so that he could replace Elsa as the Queen's new host.[2]

Despite feeling betrayed, Deadpool fought to escape and save the children, but when Elsa collapsed due to her infection, he removed the bloodstone from her hand and placed it on himself. He fought the Queen while Elsa took the children through the portal back home and, once they were all safe, he blew himself up. Worried about Wade, Elsa came back to find his detached head on the floor next to her infection-free bloodstone. After taking it back, she shot a powerful beam from her hand and defeated the Queen, who was still alive, once and for all.[3]

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