Bonebreaker is a member of the cyborg mercenaries called the Reavers. They searched for an ancient alien craft that supposedly held limitless power. They located it within the Morlock Tunnels but were unable to breach the hull. After capturing the Morlocks they came to the conclusion that only adamantium could open it. They led the X-Man Wolverine down to the sewers and tricked him into cutting a hole in the ship, releasing the entity called the Spirit Drinker. They soon relised their mistake discovering that the being was trapped in the ship eons ago by the Shi'ar and banished to Earth. The Spirit Drinker absorbed all of the Reavers except Deathstrike who managed to escape. It absorbed a few X-Men and Morlocks before it was eventually destroyed by the X-Men. Their life-forces were returned to them.


Seemingly those of Bonebreaker (Earth-616)#Powers.

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