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Quote1.png You know what this place kinda looks like? I'm calling this place the Boneyard. Quote2.png

The Boneyard was designed by Polaris and Krakoa to act as the home and headquarters of X-Factor Investigations.[1]


Designed by Polaris and Krakoa, the Boneyard was a large metallic building located in the Krakoan wilds. The Boneyard serves as the headquarters for the newly commissioned X-Factor Investigations.[1]

To celebrate the resurrection of Winddancer, her friends and X-Factor held a large party at the Boneyard.[2]

Wanting to understand more about resurrection and its effects on mutant physiology, Prodigy created the Body Farm with the assistance of Dr. Cecilia Reyes. Northstar was initial furious that Prodigy commissioned the Body Farm until Prodigy was able to explain why it was needed.[3]

When experimenting with body swapping, the Lost Club learned that the only bodies that didn't degrade were bodies that were uninhabited. To find an uninhabited body, the Lost Club snuck into Body Farm. Before finding a suitable body, they were stopped by Scout and Wolfsbane.[4]

When the Scarlet Witch was found dead after the Hellfire Gala, her body was brought to the Body Farm for a forensic autopsy.[5]

After being voted onto the newly reformed X-Men, Polaris moved out of the Boneyard and into the Treehouse.[6]

Points of Interest

A layout of the Boneyard

  • Alveolar caves[2]
    • Boneyard baths (thermal hot springs)[2][7]
  • Body Farm[3][4][5]
  • David's room[2]
  • Flying deck[2]
  • Hanging gardens[2]
  • Jean-Paul and Kyle's penthouse[2]
  • Leisure area (living rooms and kitchen)[2]
  • Lorna's suite[2]
  • Rachel's basement den[1]
  • Trevor's room[2]
  • Two guest rooms (previously used by Jeanne-Marie and Akihiro)[2][8]
  • X-Factor offices[2]
    • Interrogation offices
    • Laboratory
    • Reception with Fleet Seeds collection
    • Storage/files


Former Residents


  • When moving into the Boneyard, Prestige called dibs on the entire basement.[1]

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