Bonfrisco was one of the many small-time criminals aspiring to be hired by the Fusilli Family.[1] At one point in his life, he entered the Fusilli's restaurant with an unknown stranger who turned out to be the Punisher. The Punisher went on a killing spree of the entire restaurant, but left Bonfrisco alive. Bonfrisco, afraid of the Punisher and hoping to gain favor with the Fusilli's, tailed the killer when he left the restaurant. Bonfrisco followed him all the way to Doctor Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum, and then when the two heroes left to return to the Fusilli's restaurant, Bonfrisco called the gang to warn them the heroes were coming.

After things went wrong for the Doctor Strange and the Punisher at the restaurant, they returned back to the Sanctum Sanctorum but noticed Bonfrisco's parked car. They confronted Bonfrisco in his car, and then demanded he let them use it to drive to the Brooklyn Bridge. Bonfrisco complied, and the three of them headed to the Brooklyn Bridge where Doctor Strange revealed to them a magic biplane on the underside of the bridge.[2] All three characters then used the biplane to travel back to the Fusilli's restaurant where a villain named Prentice Mangrove was summoning a demon behemoth to "cleanse" New York.

Prentice eventually summoned his monster, and a terrified Bonfrisco wanted to run away to avoid being killed. He had a brief internal dilemma when he saw a group of regular citizens standing up to face the monster, because he didn't want to appear like a coward. However, he eventually decided that anyone around to see his cowardice would be dead soon anyway, so he fled the scene. While running away, though, Bonfrisco saw a water truck and mistakenly thought he could maybe turn the bottled water into holy water if he said 15 Hail Mary's over it. Bonfrisco got in the truck and drove it at the monster's leg, but saying 15 Hail Mary's had no effect on the water and running a truck into the monster did nothing to phase it.[3]

After Doctor Strange and the Punisher eventually defeated the huge behemoth, the Punisher confronted Bonfrisco privately about the fact that he warned the Fusilli gang that the heroes were coming earlier. The Punisher told Bonfrisco that if his actions had been successful in stopping the heroes, Prentice Mangrove would have summoned his demons and won, killing many people in New York. In retribution for this offense, the Punisher shot Bonfrisco twice in the head, killing him.[3]

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