Bonham (Earth-616) from Thing She-Hulk The Long Night Vol 1 1 0002

Bonham's insect form

Bonham was a master of an unnamed subterranean group of insectoid vampires. He and his vampire followers planned to go to the surface world to feed on upon the people above. Their cavern hideout was accidentally discovered by the Thing and She-Hulk while trying to calm down a rampaging Dragon Man. Bonham and his followers eventually escape to the surface world by riding on Dragon Man as went up, but the vampires made the mistake of surfacing during the daytime. The sunlight quickly killed off Bonham and his followers.[1]


Similar to those of a Vampire. Bonham can also assume a form similar to a praying mantis.


Similar to those of a vampire, including a weakness to sunlight, which ultimately kills him.

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