She's a former lab tech who happened to be taking care of a friend's plants when she's targeted by strange soldiers who want to kill her. Sabretooth stumbled onto what would've been her assassination and was caught in the crossfire. Wanting answers, he saved Bonnie and took her back to his place for questions.

The two slept together and formed a deep bond very early on. Creed subsequently spent the rest of the night trying to keep Bonnie safe, but ultimately failed. He ended up mercy killing her since she was infected by a plague that would activate in a few hours, and the only cure was destroyed in an explosion during his fight in the lab against the remaining soldiers.

Though they hadn't known one another long, Bonnie was very taken with Victor. She was turned on by him, but had genuine feelings for him. At one point, she suggested they leave New York and go away together. Her feelings surprised Creed, who was confused by her wanting to be with him.

She seems like a polite woman all around, but was shown to have a dark side early on. During Creed's first battle with the soldiers, she was turned on by the fighting. When she and Creed are alone, she wastes no time making moves to sleep with him. Over the course of the short story, she manages to kill at least two of the soldiers, and was shown to get pleasure out of it.

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