Bony Stark bribed McBird to stop investigating him, and argued with his girlfriend Luvva Munny because she didn't love him for himself. As Ironed Man, while he was experimenting a time machine, he was transported in the year 4.000 A.D., where he was attacked by Magnut the Robot Biter. He tried to hide in a warehouse filled with robots with "Evil Robot" written across their chests, but Magnut's girlfriend, Needa Brane followed him into the warehouse and told Magnut his location. Before Ironed Man could prove he was not a robot, but a human, Needa's father revealed himself to be the robot A-1 Sauce, Magnut's childhood mentor. He revealed that he trained Magnut to destroy all the good robots, which would allow him to rule Earth. Ironed Man sprayed A-1 Sauce with his bubble-gum ejector, defeating him. He then returned to present day where he gave up being Ironed Man to be pampered by Luvva[1].

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