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The Book of Eibon was written by an apprentice to the sorcerer Eibon in Pre-Cataclysmic Hyperborea.[1]

Modern Age

The Book of Eibon was one of many ancient tomes and magical talismans possessed by Doctor Strange (Stephen Strange), the Sorcerer Supreme. It was stolen along the rest of those mystic items and the full Sanctum Sanctorum by Urthona, a sorcerer from planet Gevaltu. Outforced, Strange was forced to destroy the books and talismans to prevent Urthona from using them.[2] The Book of Eibon was later restored to Strange by Agamotto.[1]

The Book of Eibon was rumored to be part of a private library in Unity, New England, as well as the Vermis Mysteriis, the Celeano Fragment, or the Pnakotic Manuscripts.[3]

Nugent had access to the content of the Book of Eibon, and intended to have it added to the magical encyclopedia Magik had him assemble for her war.[4]


The "frightful" Book of Eibon was a mean to summon "strange creatures and stranger gods".[5]


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