The Book of Krask appears to be a religious document of the Deviant faith in the Dreaming Celestial. The Deviants read part of it, facing their altar naked.[1]


Third Chapter

[1] And when the Second Host did come, there was fire in the sky and Great Destruction.
And then the Golden One, the greatest of all the Celestials, he who had created the Changing People at time's dawn, he rose up against his fellows.
Let my people be, he said. For did I not give them dominion over the Earth and all that is upon it?
But the other Celestials turned on him, and tricked him.
They swore to him that they would lave the Changing People in peace.
They were oath-breakers then, and thus it is written, the oath of a Celestial is written on the winds of space.
He shone like the Sun, but after they betrayed him, he was blacker than tar. They buried him, for they could not kill him. Beneath the Earth our dead Lord lies dreaming.
Yet all things change.

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