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The R'lyeh Texts or Book of R'lyeh were ancient and dreaded writings foretelling the awakening of the Dweller in Darkness (who laid sleeping beneath the ground of Salem Center for centuries).[1]

Kierrok reading the Book of R'lyeh

Modern Age

Kierrok of the N'Garai used it to open a rift between his dimension and Earth, in order to awaken the Dweller.

Cyclops trying to use the Book

The Book of R'lyeh crumbling to dust

Erich Zann reciting the counter spell

After meting with Erich Zann who informed him of the situation and of the way to stop it (including the fact that the counter-spell would banish him along with the N'Garai), Cyclops went to confront Kierro and, helped by the X-Men, managed to take the Book of R'lyeh.

Trying to decipher the Book as the Dweller was emerging, he was stopped by Zann who decided to recite the counter spell. Zann, the Dweller and the N'Garai were all banished while the Book of R'lyeh crumbled to dust.[1]


The R'lyeh Texts included:

  • The foretelling the awakening of the Dweller in Darkness.
  • The counter spell to the ceremony of awakening of the Dweller in Darkness and repel the N'Garai to their dimension. That counter spell also banishes the person who recites it. The text of the counter spell was the following:
Ka nama Cthulhu! Ka la Shib Nigurath on tomo Yog Sothoth! Es alo Hastur!
Kad eth kes uno! Mi non Dagon![1]


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