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The origins of the Book of Thoth are unknown. It is said to be a powerful book of black magic,[citation needed] although the full scope of its abilities is unknown.

The Book of Thoth appears either as a book,[5][4] or as a scroll.[6][3]


Witch Queen's copy

One version was originally in the possession of the so called "Witch Queen" of Egypt who used it to her own ends until her death. She had the book hidden in her tomb and had her son mummified along with her. She left instructions on how to resurrect her son so that he could in turn return her to life. The son of the Witch Queen was revived in 1924 and returned to the tomb in 1942 and began using the Book of Thoth in an attempt to resurrect his mother. However, the plot was thwarted by Captain America and Bucky. During the course of their battle, the book was tossed into a fire and was destroyed.[5]

Bat's Belfry's copy


Nefer-Ka-Ptah's version

A scroll version existed in the tomb of Nefer-Ka-Ptah, accessible on the mortal plane or from the afterlife world of Duat.[3]


  • The Book of Thoth is a name given to many ancient Egyptian texts supposed to have been written by the Egyptian god Thoth. It also appeared in various fictional media:[7]
  • The relation, if any, between the 36,535 Lost Scrolls of Thoth and the Book of Thoth is unknown.

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