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The Book of the Vishanti contains the most powerful white/order magic spells known, many of them being counterspells to other magic disciplines. It seems to have an endless number of pages, which seemingly materialise from nothing. The book itself can be used to deflect magic.[6] In addition, its spells can never be used for offense, only for defense.[8] The Book is marked with the Seal of the Vishanti. It also contains extensive knowledge introduced by several powerful magicians, such as the information collected by Agamotto regarding his discovery and mastery of the "Three Paths to Enlightenment",[9] and widely detailed information about the Marvel cosmology itself,[10] which was presumably dictated by the Vishanti to the first human authors.

Given the vast knowledge present in its pages, the book was presumably dictated by the Vishanti to the first practitioners of white magic. The original contents were written by Agamotto sometime before the fall of Atlantis.[11] The first known possessor of the book was the sorcerer Varnae.[1]

Several millennia ago, the book fell into the hands of priests of the Babylonian god Marduk and they appointed a sacred griffin to guard it. At some point "many decades" before the 20th century, the sorcerer Yao (sometimes known as the Ancient One) travelled back in time to ancient Babylonia and, by defeating the beast guardian, he became the destined possessor of the book following a prophecy "written in words of flame."[6]

The Book used to deflect magic

In the 20th century, the Ancient One shared the book with his pupil Doctor Strange. When the evil sorcerer Kaluu stole the book,[7] memorized its contents and sent it to its origin point in the ancient past,[8] the Ancient One and Doctor Strange travelled to the past to re-capture it in ancient Babylon, again defeating the griffin.[6]

Doctor Strange used the Book to cast the Spell of Tartashi to detect deception among the New Avengers, though this failed to detect Veranke, the Skrull posing as Jessica Drew.[12]



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  • The Crytorryk Spell of Invisibility: Invisibility spell (Used by Magik thanks to Doctor Strange's tutelage).[4]

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  • In Strange Tales #150, the Ancient One told Doctor Strange that the Book of the Vishanti had been created in Ancient Babylonia, millenniums ago. Subsequent stories have disproven this claim.
  • Since the Ancient One used time travel to obtain the book, it should not have existed on the Earthly plane between the point in time when he obtained it in ancient Babylonia to the point in time in the 19th century when he arrived from the past with the book. However, some texts do refer to the Book of the Vishanti as having been in the possession of various Sorcerers Supreme during that period.

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