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The Books of Loki was originally a single tome located in the Halls of All-Knowing at Omnipotence City which prophesied a long and peaceful life for Loki after becoming king of Jotunheim, in which he was no longer the God of Evil, nor Mischief, Chaos or Stories.

This tome was part of a selection of books forbidden by Odin, who believed in keeping the knowledge secret to protect its power. When Thor became the All-Father, he learned of the forbidden tomes and took Loki to the Halls of All-Knowing to relay to him the information present in his books.

Loki was dissatisfied with the outcome of his life, which promted the cosmic entities Now and Then to lure him to the House of Ideas, where he struck a deal with the two siblings to earn more time in his lifetime for more exploits, which manifested in a bigger page count and more volumes for The Books of Loki.[1]

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