A safe cracker and bank robber, Boomer reduced his chances of being caught by timing his heists to coincide with severe thunderstorms, so the noise of his explosives would be mistaken for thunder.
During one of his heists, Boomer was confronted by Spiderman. In an effort to escape, Boomer threw a bottle of Nitroglycerin at Spiderman, causing an explosion that collapsed the bank ceiling and forced Spiderman to take refuge inside the bank vault. Boomer then fled the scene in a blue sedan, closely persued by Spiderman. Boomer attempted to lose Spiderman in Central Park, but was caught in one of Spiderman's webs. Before Spiderman could apprehend Boomer however, he was interupted by the arrival of the Olympian warrior Vulcan on Earth, allowing Boomer to escape during the ensuing battle.
Spiderman managed to knock the giant Vulcan unconscious, and with the help of some local teenagers, tie him down. Boomer, still lurking in the area, offered to free Vulcan in exchange for the Olympian's help in commiting crimes. Vulcan agreed, and Boomer cut his bonds with a pair of bolt cutters. After Vulcan used a special thunderbolt to send Spiderman hurtling towards space, he and Boomer proceeded downtown to rob the Bank of Nations building of its gold bullion. Spiderman escaped from Vulcan's thunderbolt, however, and after a brief battle, Spiderman managed to redirect Vulcan's own indestructable thunderbolt back towards him, causing the Olympian to be carried off into space. Spiderman then knocked the surprised Boomer unconscious, and apprehended him.[citation needed]


Safe cracking tools, Nitroglycerin, bolt cutters



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