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The Boomerang Revenge Squad was a trio of super villains assembled as part of Boomerang's plan to trick Spider-Man into facilitating him the final piece of the Lifeline Tablet, which was enchanted to be only secured by a true and selfless hero.[1]

The team made their debut by stealing a bank to distract Spider-Man while Bullseye targeted Boomerang's pet, Gog. Spider-Man easily defeated the villains due to his costume upgrade provided by TNM which enhanced his powers.[2] The Boomerang Revenge Squad next intercepted Spider-Man and Boomerang when they were about to retrieve the final piece of the Lifeline Tablet, and their defeat helped strengthen the bond between Spider-Man and Boomerang. After Spider-Man retrieved the final piece, Boomerang freed the Boomerang Revenge Squad and they ambushed Spider-Man, defeating him and leaving him unconscious. Afterward, they reunited with Boomerang to celebrate the success of his plan.[1]


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