The Booster Skates are a pair of modified, thruster propelled in-line skates, designed for and used by Akira Akatsuki

Originally, they were regular in-line skates, given to Akira by his father as a late birthday present[1], since Akira had always liked in-line skating[2]. After Akira became Tony Stark's partner in their quest to find the DISKs and stop Loki, Tony had Pepper Potts upgrade the in-line skates to Booster Skates. This was mostly meant as a bribe so Akira would agree to help Tony with his research.[3]

For the upgrade, Pepper added a power unit and thrusters to both skates, allowing the skates to move under their own power. They are powered by a battery that lasts approximately 3 hours.[3] The booster skates are also equiped with a automatic collision avoidance system, so they automatically steer away from any obstacles blocking their path.[3]

When Akira first tried them out, the skates however turned out to contain a bug that made the brakes refuse to work. As a result, Akira nearly fell of an uncompleted bridge. Fortunately, Thor and Hikaru were able to save him. After this incident, the bug was fixed and the Booster Skates became a regular mode of transport for Akira.

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