That angel lived on Earth as a bootblack, working slowly and silently, always discreet.

One day, he was asked by Simon Sledge, a greedy industrialist, to shoeshine him. While the blackboot was working, Sledge mocked him and his status, urging to finish or he won't pay him, and remembered how he had amassed a fortune over his employees in a legal but selfish and merciless way.

The blackboot was able to picture the misery left in Sledge's path, and as Sledge declared he had been too slow and that he wouldn't pay, the blackboot issued a threatening statement before leaving. Simon Sledge's shoes then started walking in the oposite direction, until Sledge was late for his meeting, with the consequence of being now ruined. Realizing the involvement of the blackboot at that moment, he turned to him who told him that if the law of man could not touch him, a higher law could.[1]


The "bootblack" was seemingly able to read minds[1] by telepathy or empathy.

He was also seemingly able to bewitch shoes.[1]

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