Borak was one of the Dark Tigers, one of the groups of slavers and brigands living in the Abode of the Damned, ruled by their prince Abdel Khafir (Nikolav Yvonn). Borak's troop was led by Hammad, Prince of Swordsmen, high-ranked within the Dark Tigers.

When the Dark Tigers, accompanied by "Shirkuh, late of Zamora" (in fact Conan in disguise), encounted a trio of identical travelers wishing to go to the Abode of the Damned, Hammad ordered Agham and Borak to slay them and take their belongings. The travelers used their powers to force Borak and Agham to strike at each other, Borak being striken after having mortally wounded Agham. Their horses were then used by the travelers who were allowed to come along Hammad's party.[1]



Shield and blade.





  • Borak and Agham had shared the same woman.[1]

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