With public opinions of super heroes at an all time low, many government officials were pushing for a super-human registration act, which would have inadvertently split the super hero community in two. As Captain America and Tony Stark went to debate with the government and win over the people, Titanium Man attacked with an army of mercenary terrorists, Kidnapping multiple senators including Senator Lieber, and shooting down multiple S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicopters. The Ultimate Alliance quickly flew in on the Quinjet to help out, defeating the terrorists and teaming up with Deadpool, who was in "vacation" to chase Titanium Man into the subway.

Carrying the Senators into the parking garage, Titanium Man blew up a food court, enraging Deadpool, who rescued the senators and took them back to the House of Representatives, while the Ultimate Alliance chased Titanium Man to the Lincoln Memorial, where he violently battled the Alliance, destroying the rally stage in front of the memorial and tearing up the road in front of it. Finally his armor shorted out and he collapsed on the steps of the monument, warning the superheroes that their "cowardly" senators will pass the registration act and that they had "all ready lost everything", before passing out.


Seemingly those of his Earth-616 counterpart.


Seemingly those of his Earth-616 counterpart.


Too much damage to his armor can break it.


His Titanium Man Armor is capable of turning invisible and creating sentry guns


His Titanium Man Armor can fly


The Built-in arsenal of his Titanium Man Armor

  • At one point of his battle Deadpool wants him to say "moose and squirrel", and there is a rare chance he will oblige during the fight. In the Prime Universe, Spider-Man fights Titanium Man in similar conditions, requesting him to do the same.

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