Master scientist and demolitions expert Dr. Boris Korpse infiltrated a top-secret military base on the south shore of Long Island, masterfully slipping past the guards and security systems. Once inside, however, he was surprised to find that someone else had infiltrated the base: the Black Cat! The Cat then recruited Korpse to break Walter Hardy out of prison. Armed with guns stolen from black market arms dealer, Emil Greco, Korpse was lowered to Hardy's cell window by the Cat's other hireling, strongman Bruno Grainger; Korpse then blew the cell open with explosives.[1]

Korpse fled with Grainger, Walter Hardy, and the Cat; she promised to call them again if she needed them. As she departed with Hardy, Korpse tried to convince Grainger to work for him, but soon the Kingpin arrived and struck Grainger down, persuading both men to work for him.[2]

Boris joined the Black Cat in a heist of a painting from the Frick Collection. Acting as a server, Boris and Bruno Grainger ended up stealing one of the paintings while Felicia acted as the bait because of her history the security were focused more on her then anyone else. Boris held the car door open for Felecia after she was escorted off them premises.[3]

As Boris and the others made their getaway, they were attacked by the Thieves Guild who wanted to steal the painting for themselves. They managed to escape due to the untimely appearance of security guard Sonny Ocampo. Back at the hideout, Boris was pouring himself a drink when they were surprised when the buyer of the painting showed up at their place revealing himself as the Black Fox.[3]


Dr. Boris Korpse is a highly skilled infiltrator and demolition expert. He carries a variety of explosives, including gas bombs.[1]

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