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Boris Monguski was a Russian officer assigned to capture the Hulk and bring him back to Russia to learn the secret behind his awesome power. In order to lure the Hulk into a trap, Monguski created a robotic body armor in the semblance of a barbaric, alien warrior which he named Mongu. As Mongu, Boris used an MIG disguised as a space-ship and landed in the United States several miles away from the Desert Base. He issued a challenge to battle Earth's mightiest mortal in combat. If his opponent should win, then Mongu would leave Earth forever. But if Mongu should prove victorious, then he would summon an alien fleet to conquer the Earth. He publicly announced that any who was brave enough to face him should meet him in the Grand Canyon at Sunset.

Doctor Bruce Banner, who at this time had learned to maintain his intellect while in the form of the Hulk, accepted Mongu's challenge. Accompanied by Rick Jones, the Hulk traveled to the Grand Canyon to face Mongu. It only took him seconds to see through Monguski's ruse, at which point, Boris ordered his soldiers to bring the Hulk down. They momentarily distracted him with sonic weapons, but one leap from the mighty Hulk caused a ground-quake, forcing all of the soldiers to fall to the ground. Monguski and his followers were bound together with their own uniform belts and fastened to a tow cable on a Soviet helicopter[1].

Years later, Monguski returned, having been part of a group of 1960's era Soviet agents who had been put into cryogenic sleep in order to be woken up in the event of a nuclear attack on American soil. After an explosion set off by the Infernal Man off the California coast woke them up, Monguski and his fellow Super-Soldiers fought, and were defeated by, the Order.[2][3]



By himself, Boris Monguski possessed no remarkable abilities. It is possible that the Mongu battle-suit allowed him greater strength and durability, but the Hulk tore through the suit before its full capabilities could be properly tested.

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