Accused of pro-democracy leanings, Boris Petrovsky was comissioned to build a statue in honor of the communist governement he opposed, thereby redeming himself. Shipped off to a secluded air hanger, Petrovsky spent months carving out the perfect statue.

The night his statue was ready, Petrovsky heard a loud noise come from outside the hanger. Going out to investigate, he found a crashed flying saucer, and a large alien. The alien telepathically communicated with Petrovsky, telling him that it needed to protect itself until more of its species arrived to take it back home. The alien inhabited the statue, and started moving around with the huge body.

At the same time, Petrovsky's brother Ivan, a government official, showed up with his officers to inspect Boris' finished statue. Seeing the statue lumbering about, Ivan accused Boris of implanting a mechanical device in the statue, in order to use it for traitorous purposes. When the statue could not be subdued with normal weapons or artillery, a plane carrying a hydrogen bomb was called in to stop the statue. Ivan tied Boris to a chair, and left him in the strike zone, hoping to take care of two problems with the hydrogen bomb.

The alien inside the statue noticed Boris tied to the chair, and took pity on him. Using the statue's massive body, the alien destroyed the strike planes and saved Boris. Shortly after, the alien's rescue ship arrived, and it departed the statue, and Earth's atmosphere.

When Ivan returned to find the statue dormant and Boris alive, he was enraged, and demanded to know the secrets of the statue. Sensing an opportunity to champion democracy, Boris told Ivan that the statue was possessed by a high power that was not pleased with the ruthless communism of the country, and that the statue would attack once again if the government did not change their ways. Fearful of another attack, the government softened its grip, and Boris was pardoned.[1]


Highly talented sculptor

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