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Count Bornag Royale was an agent of A.I.M., whose mission was to discredit Colonel Nick Fury with his superiors, in order to weaken SHIELD against AIM's attacks. To do so, Royale made use of A.I.M's reputation as a group of genius minds (at that point A.I.M. was not known as a criminal group),[1] insisting that Fury was not the right man to lead SHIELD[2] and pressuring the authorities to put Fury to formal investigation - always being careful to not call him a traitor.[3]

Fury suspected foul play, particularly as his other investigations also hinted that A.I.M. was breaking the law, so he agreed to go to the trial on the Helicarrier - but not before staging his own exit and ensuring the help of young, eager SHIELD agent Jasper Sitwell. While Royale expected Sitwell to testify against Fury, Sitwell was instead loyal to Fury. In any case, Fury escaped the trial[4] to get proofs against Royale, and Sitwell discreetly put a tracker on him. Once Royale left the Helicarrier, Sitwell tracked him to a secret hideout - which suddenly exploded: Royale had either blow away the area to destroy proofs, or been noisily killed by fellow A.I.M. agents who found he had been compromised.[4]





A great manipulator of emotions, intelligence and patriotism.[3]

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