Borss was a lesser demon and broker of souls, working with his brother Mog'rys to trade and profit off the dead in the collective aftermath of every culture's shared Hell. In a bold plan, Borss and Mog'rys borrowed two billion human souls from Mephisto, which they sold to the Spirit-Flayers of Carcosa for vast riches. Using these riches, the brothers funded the empowerment and revival of Nebulon, whom they guided in pursuit of the Conductor and his cosmic, planet-consuming Train. With the Train under their control, the brothers and Nebulon would see the Earth destroyed, flooding the market of Hell with deposed human souls, vastly devaluing them, allowing them to buy the souls up in massive numbers, paying off their debt to Mephisto with minimal impact on their new profits.

Nebulon systematically killed all of the Conductor's familiars, preventing the Train from changing course, and was able to overpower and take control of the Conductor itself. While the brothers watched as Silver Surfer and Namor confronted Nebulon, Mog'rys was confident in the face of Borss' fears that the heroes may succeed, reminding his brother that with the familiars dead, and the course locked, all the heroes could do to stop the Train would be to destroy it, which would release a storm of radiation so plentiful that it would still wipe out all life on countless worlds, the Earth included. Mog'rys was shocked, however, by the appearance of the Hulk, guided by the time-travelling astral ghost of Doctor Strange from a ruined future where that exact course of events had played out. Hulk easily overpowered Mog'rys, and bit his head off, decapitating the demon, but as he turned his rage on Borss, both demons transformed into their essence, abandoning their physical forms and imbuing themselves into Nebulon to give him an additional power boost.

Strange then teleported with the Hulk to the Train, and had him distract Nebulon while he used his astral form to slip into the Conductor's macro-mind. Strange exerted all his will on the giant to induce a spasm which caused the Train to shift a fraction of a degree. At the speed and distances involved, this was enough to set the Train off course and miss the Earth. Since this caused Borss and Mog'rys' plan to pay Mephisto back to fall through, the Hell lord appeared and claimed their souls along with that of Nebulon.[1]

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