The mob leader known merely as "The Boss" was really the District Attorney of a New England town in 1945. When his daughter's boyfriend Jim learned his secret identity, the Boss sent men to eliminate him. Jim was saved by Captain America and Bucky who brought the injured Jim to the hospital. There the Boss, in his role as District Attorney, learned that Jim would be in a coma for at least 12 hours and ordered an increase in security. However, the Boss made sure that the back of the hospital was not guarded and sent assassins to kill Jim before he could wake up and expose his double identity.

Realizing this, Captain America and Bucky hid in the room and defeated Jim's would be killers and then gave the signal to the Boss that the job was done. When the D.A. entered the room, he exposed himself and was easily defeated by Cap and Bucky.[1]

His subsequent fate is unknown.


The Boss was armed with a pistol.

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