Morgan became the primary crime boss of Harlem after Stone-Face. Captain America, Spider-Man, and the Falcon had previously raided and ended Stone-Face's operation[1]. Morgan soon emerged as the area's underworld leader and tried to recruit the crime-fighting Falcon to join his operation. He sometimes reluctantly gave the Falcon information on cases he was working on. However, when the Falcon continually rejected his offer, Morgan tried unsuccessfully to intimidate or kill the the hero. This also led Morgan into a strained relationship with the Falcon's friend and partner Captain America.

Morgan's heroin operation also led him into conflict with Luke Cage and rival crime boss Cottonmouth.[2]

Apparently Morgan was murdered by a rival mobster or an agent of a fascist organization called the Trust during a gang war that happened after Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin of Crime, was found dead and the Trust brainwashed criminals to murder criminal bands bosses.[3]






Appears Overweight, rarely engages in physical confrontations.

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