"Boss" Sapro was the leader of a gang of crooks that operated out of the state of Ohio. When the Ohio River began to flood, Sapro and his men used the opportunity to loot the banks and shops in the flood-affected areas. They met minimal opposition until the robot named Electro came to the area to help with the relief efforts. When the robot's operators spotted Sapro and his men, the robot was sent to apprehend them. Although Sapro attempted to escape with his loot, he was eventually be captured and thrown in jail. There, Sparo vowed to take control of the Electro robot and used it for his own ends.[1]

To this end, he sent a message out to his minions who were still free. They then stormed the Electro Building and took Electro's inventor Professor Zog hostage. They forced him to use Electro to free Sapro. Sapro then used the Electro robot to commit robberies. The robot proved unstoppable by authorities, and he used it to capture Rupert Haden, the District Attorney that put him away. Sapro's crime spree was cut short however when Jago, leader of the Dragon-Men of the planet Ligra came to Earth seeking to capture Electro for his own uses. Jago's minions were easily defeat Sapro and his men and captured both Zog and Electro.[2]

"Boss" Sapro's fate remains unrevealed; however, it's entirely likely he was recaptured by the authorities.


For a brief time, Sapro controlled the Electro robot.


"Boss" Sapro had access to many types of firearms, including a pistol and tommy gun.

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