The Bossonian Marches are a border province of Aquilonia, between the Thunder River and the River Shirki, stretching from the Tauran, just south of Cimmeria, along the Pictish Wilderness, all they way to Zingara.[3]


The rustic people of the Bossonian Marches are farmers, foresters, and hunters by trade. They are particularly determined defensive fighters, and have a tradition of training their lads in archery. The Bossonian archers and bowmen form a valued element of the Aquilonian military. They have distinguished themselves in wars against the Cimmerians and Picts.[3]

In the northern highlands, Conan was awaken to the distant sound of battle, where a caravan was ambushed by bandits and a Walking Thorntree. Reaching the battlefield, he spared the life of the village youths who mistook him for a bandit, and met Blerun, chief of Kyof's Grove, and his granddaughter, Vessila, the village seer.[4]

The bandits who had survived the battle made their rude camp nearby, which Conan assaulted and took one prisoner to interrogate.[5] The forest trees were magically animated by Basilio Rez's dark magic, until he was defeated by Conan and Spirits of the Trees were freed.[6]

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  • Bossonia is in part based on Wales and the Bossonian archers on the Welsh bowmen of the Middle Ages.[citation needed]

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