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Boston Terroriers

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Boston Terroriers
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Formerly Steel Spider (leader, founder and benefactor)
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A team gathered by Steel Spider to take down Spider-Man
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When Spider-Man was invited to became Boston's official vigilante, he was offered a sidekick, Ollie Osnick, as well. Butut Parker rejected his proposition, because he feared that Ollie's lack of powers could endanger him.

Oliver became resentufl of him and freed three low-range costumed criminals captured by the Webslinger, enhanced them with his tech, and led them in a team dubbed the Boston Terroriers, those three criminals adopted the nicknames of Salem's Witch, the Plymouth Rocker and Slam Adams.

Spider-Man captured

They attacked Spider-Man, and Ollie defeated him by using the Steel Spider armor. However, Ollie's desire for vengeance ceased after Spider-Man made his apolgies, which Ollie accepted.

Steel Spider subsequently joined forces with Spider-Man against his three teammates when Spidey accidentally revealed that J.J. Jameson had put a recompense of 10 millions dollars for whoever unmasked the Webslinger, prompting the Terroriers to attack him. The fight was short lived as Ollie had installed a fail-safe in the armors of the Terroriers that allowed him to shut them down and neutralize his former teammates.[1]


Equipment: Armors designed by Ollie Osnick
Transportation: Devices integrated in the armors:

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