Quote1 Yes, Ree--er- Para-Man! You know what's best! Quote2
-- Boswell src

Boswell is something of an accidental scientist who may just be too old to remember his former genius. Either way, he accidentally created artificial intelligence in a robot he was piecing together. The robot, who he named Para-Man, then guided Boswell to make multiple alterations to his form so that he could be independent. Once his body was complete, he made Boswell his slave.

One day, Boswell was out and caught a couple of bugs in his yard. Due to his terrible vision, he didn't see that the "bugs" were actually Ant-Man (Henry Pym) and Wasp (Janet van Dyne). He tucked the two heroes away is his lab for Ree-Zee to investigate, but the two escaped and blew up the house to ensure their getaway. The last we see of Boswell is him holding the head of a destroyed Ree-Zee and promising the still sentient robot that he will make him a new body.[1]




Ability to accidentally create artificial intelligence, ability to create a robot with outside direction


Horrible vision, even with glasses

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