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The Bowery is located in the southwestern corner of the East Village and the western part of the Lower East Side neighborhood of Manhattan in New York City.

During World War II, a mad scientist, the Lord of Death, posed as a philanthropist to recruit homeless men from Bowery flophouses for his experiments. These unfortunates were transformed into artificial zombies with which the Death-Lord sabotaged lend-lease shipments until he was found out and defeated by Captain America and Bucky.[2]

After the war, when Namor lost his memory, he stayed in the Bowery until modern times, when he was eventually found by The Human Torch and had his memory restored.[3][4]

Spider-Man and the Human Torch discovered one of the Fox's lairs under a wooden Indian along the Bowery, and they were told he was hiding in Central Park.[5]

Many years later, Electro blew up an abandoned power station in the Bowery.[6]

The Bowery was a place for the hopeless to meet the homeless.[7]

A few years back, it was a repository of sorts for the city's broken people: addicts, schizophrenics, and alcoholics.[8]

In the Bowery between Grand Street and Mott Street, Madame Web was approached by Shang-Chi.[9]

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