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Bowman was artificially enhanced, along with the rest of the Hydra Four, in order to become a perfect copy of a certain Avenger, in his case, Hawkeye. He possessed sub-dermal cybernetic implants powered by Isotope-8 which transmitted footage of Hawkeye in action condensed down to binary information directly to his limbs and muscle groups.[1]

Hydra Assemble

He first operated on the field when Hydra shock troops mounted a full-scale assault on the UN complex. Bowman, along with the rest of the Hydra Four, was defeated by the Alliance, the Agent and War Machine, principally.

He and the rest of the "Faux-vengers" were brought to the Helicarrier to be examined by Tony Stark, who discovered how Hydra managed to create these almost perfect replicas of the Avengers.[1]


Bowman and the rest of the Hydra Four later escaped S.H.I.E.L.D. custody, and sided with Baron Zemo when the schism between he and Madame Hydra escalated to combat. He was defeated along with the rest of the Hydra forces by Captain America and the Alliance.[1]

Ghost in the Machine

When Hank Pym's project Ultron captivated Hydra's attention, Bowman and the Hydra Four were sent to retrieve Pym's experiments, but he and his teammates were defeated by the Alliance.[1]

Crazy Eights

While the Circle of Eight worked with Titanium Man and Nitro amassing Iso-8 stockpiles, the Avengers pinned down the Faux-Vengers, Bowman decided to escape, but was defeated later by Hawkeye, who went after him.[1]

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Seemingly those of the Bowman of Earth-616.

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