The original Box “armor” is more accurately a robot. Created by Roger Bochs, the robot was controlled through a psycho-cybernetic helmet. The helmet was connected by cable to a transmitter which allowed the helmet wearer to control the robot’s actions and perceive what the robot perceived. [1]

After discovering that Bochs was working on developing the robot, James Hudson assisted, having expertise in cybernetic control helmets. He then drafted Bochs to join Beta Flight as ‘’’Box.’’’[1], Following the dissolution of Department H,[2] Bochs returned to Moosejaw to continue tinkering with his design.

It was there that Bochs was contacted by Roxxon Oil employee Delphine Courtney [3] who used a device to emotionally manipulate him into working with her employer, Jerome Jaxon. Once in New York City, Jaxon revealed his plans. Bochs would not agree to go along with it so Jaxon used the control helmet to operate Box and used it to attack Hudson, ultimately leading to Hudson’s death. [1]

Following this, Bochs scrapped the first version of Box and worked with Madison Jeffries a newer model to prevent others from using his creations.[4]

Box Armor Model 1 - Alpha Flight Vol 4 1

Versions of this model were modified as programmable robots to be used by Department to capture and contain Alpha Flight before being destroyed by Hudson.[5]


Durability: Model 1 was composed primarily of steel and was highly resistant to potential damage.

Power: The Model 1 had a powerful internal power pack which could be used to send an electric shock through the arms.

Cybernetic control: Use of the remote helmet allowed a user to experience the perceptions of the Box robot and control it to perform actions.

Strength: The Model 1 Box robot possessed superhuman strength, able to lift/press 40 tons.

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