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After his first Box robot was used to help kill James Hudson, Roger Bochs set out to build a “better Box.” He wanted to ensure that this version could not be controlled by others. To that end, he recruited former Gamma Flight member Mr. Jeffries to help re-engineer his designs.[1]

Combining their skills, the two were able to develop the Model 2 out of “living metal” which allowed the user to “phase into” the robot. Bochs planned to use his new form to track down Jerome Jaxon and the members of Omega Flight who had killed Hudson.[2]

Later connecting to Alpha Flight, Bochs gave up control of his robot to Walter Langkowski, whose spirit had been separated from his physical form. During that time of separation, Langkowski’s physical form had deteriorated to the point where it could no longer host him but the Box robot worked because there was no risk of permanent physical symbiosis (since there was no physical version of Langkowski). [3] Langkowski then began operating as the hero Box[4].

Growing dissatisfied with not having a biological form, Langkowski and Bochs searched the Crossroads and believed they had found a new form for Langkowski to inhabit. Transferring Langkowski’s consciousness along a harness, the form appeared but turned out to be the Hulk. With Langkowski’s presence now gone, Bochs resumed his role as Box and became a full-fledged member of Alpha Flight.

Bochs’ role as Box was later stolen by his friend Jeffries when Bochs began to act erratically and risked harming his teammates. Jeffries used his powers to force Bochs to phase out of the armor and seek medical attention. [5]

The Model 2 was “destroyed” when Mr. Jeffries used his metal mutating abilities to phase in and re-shape it into the Model 3.[6]


The Mark II Box Armor has the following abilities:

  • Durability: Model 2 was composed primarily of a “living metal” (the exact details of which were never disclosed) and demonstrated superhuman durability (e.g. able to resist deep sea pressure).
  • Power: The Model 1 had a powerful internal power pack which could be used to send an electric shock through the arms.
  • Flight: The Model 2 was equipped with boot jets and stabilizers allowing it to fly with speeds up to Mach 2 to orbital velocity.[7]
  • Weaponry: This version was cable of directed energy blasts from its palms. The exact details are not known.
  • Sensors: Model 2 had a wide array of sensing and tracking capabilities, including the ability to interface with computers and intercept radio signals.
  • Operation: Unlike the previous version, this model allowed users to “phase in” and actually become one with the robot. There was a danger in remaining part of the robot for too long and forming a permanent symbiosis and not be able to “phase out.”[2]
  • Strength: Box robot possessed superhuman strength, able to lift/press 85 tons.

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