The Box Armor Model 4 is an exoskeleton-style construct created by Roger Bochs Jr., the son of the famous scientist and engineer Roger Bochs. This Box Armor has been modified from the original design of Boch's father to increase it's power and speed ten-fold.[1]

The original Box Armor


The Box Model 4 has the following abilities:

  • Strength: This armor is able to lift/press up to 400 tons, a tenfold increase from the abilities of the Box Armor Model 1.[1]
  • Durability: Like the Box Armor Model 1, this model is likely composed primarily of steel and was highly resistant to potential damage.
  • Power: Like the Box Armor Model 1, this model likely has a powerful internal power pack which could be used to send an electric shock through the arms.
  • Cybernetic Control: Like the Box Armor Model 1, Use of the remote helmet allowed a user to experience the perceptions of the Box robot and control it to perform actions.
  • Enhanced Speed[1]
  • Self-Propelled Flight[2]

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