Boy-Thing was a creature that was grown by the Shadow Colonel when he stole a trimming off of the being known as Man-Thing during a trip to the Everglades in Florida.[2]

Boy-Thing spent all of his time hanging on the right shoulder of the Shadow Colonel. He was with him when the rest of the Legion of the Unliving traveled to Romania during the Vampire civil war in order to track down Dracula, but all they ended up finding was an empty tomb.[3]

Boy-Thing was seen at at his side once again after the Colonel escaped from the Avengers base in the North Pole. Boy-Thing was with the entire Legion when they attacked the island nation of Madripoor in order to kill all the vampires that the Colonel considered weak. Boy-Thing created wooden stakes so the Colonel could use them to kill off the other vampires.[2]


Presumably the same as the Man-Thing.

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