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Dr. Boyd Wilson, a zoologist, specialized in the relationship between predator and prey. He believed mutants would soon replace humans as the dominant species on earth. He was part of an environmental survey that was struck down by the birth of the magickal FireFountain. Wilson was transformed into Beastmaster, with the ability to control animals.

When the X-Men and Alpha Flight came to the city of those transformed, Beastmaster offered his services to find the missing Snowbird. However, he used his powers to turn Wolverine away from the hunt and return him to the citadel. When Wolverine revived, made sane by the powers of Anodyne, he began his hunt. He found Snowbird and defended her from Beastmaster and Pathfinder. In the ensuing battle, Pathfinder was killed and Beastmaster severely injured.

Beastmaster would later give up his powers and regain his humanity.



  • Animal Control: As Beastmaster, Wilson had the ability to control animals.[1]

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