Brad Carter was a Hollywood actor, who was supposed to play in a film by P.D.Q. Werner, scheduled to be filmed on Centurius's island Valhalla when Nick Fury and Jimmy Woo crash-landed on the island and defeated Centurius.

Carter later met[1] and associated with Ulysses Bloodstone.[2] Unfortunately, this association eventually led to his death: When the link to the computers at Bloodstone's base of operations, mysteriously broke, Carter investigated only to find the monster hunter's base destroyed. The surprised actor was then attacked and killed by minions of Centurius, and his body was incinerated.[3] Between the destruction of his corpse and the secrecy of Bloodstone's island fortress, knowledge of which was probably lost when Bloodstone himself died soon afterwards, it is unclear whether or not the general public is aware of Brad Carter's death.

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