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As a child, Brad Wolfe was abused and neglected by his mother. When he grew up, he became an actor and accepted the role of the Zaniac, misogynistic serial killer, in a slasher film of the same name. Wolfe was attracted to the role because he identified with the Zaniac's backstory of child abuse, and he thought the role would be a stepping stone for better parts.

Wolfe, in full Zaniac costume and make-up, was filming a scene at the University of Chicago when a passer-by carelessly tossed a lit cigar into a box of explosives meant for an upcoming scene. The resulting explosion released residual radiation from the Manhattan Project which mutated Wolfe by giving him super strength and the ability to generate energy knives from his hands. He was also simultaneously possessed by a demonic entity and driven mad.[note 1]

Wolfe believed he really was the Zaniac and began to act out the movie's script in real life. He mistook Shawna Lynde, a friend of Donald Blake, for a college co-ed and kidnapped her, intending to murder her in an alley as per the movie's script. Thor intervened and fought the Zaniac off, who then fled to act out the film's climax: the mass murder of a home for women. Thor arrived at the women's home just as the Zaniac was about to force the residents off the roof. The Zaniac lunged at Thor and they both fell off the roof and landed on the elevated train tracks below. The Zaniac began throwing energy knives at Thor, but Thor deflected them back at him using his hammer, knocking him off the tracks. Subdued, the Zaniac was then arrested.[1]

While in prison, Wolfe's hands were restrained to prevent him from using his powers. After months of incarceration, Wolfe was broken out by mobster "Thug" Thatcher, who wanted to use the Zaniac to kill Jane Foster. Wolfe was brought to Thatcher’s hideout at his ex-girlfriend Ruby Mortensen's house and his restraints were removed. Wolfe spotted Ruby and immediately killed her with an energy knife. In retaliation, Thatcher's henchman Kellen shot Wolfe to death.

Upon his death, the demonic entity possessing Wolfe burst from his body in the form of a swarm of rat-like vermin. The vermin bit Thatcher and turned him into a new Zaniac, who then murdered Jane himself. Thor and T.V.A. agent Justice Peace travelled back in time and killed the vermin before they could bite Thatcher, thus saving Jane's life.[2]


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  1. Wolfe's madness was originally caused by exposure to radiation as shown in Thor #319. It was later retconned in Thor #371-372 to be caused by possession by an unknown entity. The nature of this entity and some of its backstory was later revealed in Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Horror 2005 #1.