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The Braddock Lighthouse, on the shores of Cornwall in southwestern England, was a dimensional nexus that connected all of the Earths within the Multiverse. The structure was erected to an unspecified elder god millennia ago by "a race that was ancient when Atlantis was young." The tower was originally surrounded by other buildings, possibly a city, but they all crumbled away with the passage of time. Thanks to the actions of Necrom, Feron and Merlyn, the tower was made multiversal and became a key component of the Otherworld Energy Matrix that Merlyn used as his private power source. The tower existed on every plane of reality and all iterations of it were protected by the Captain Britain Corps.[3]

Brian Braddock and Meggan bought the lighthouse when taking some time away from the Braddock Manor.[4] The lighthouse eventually became the headquarters of Excalibur[5] for several years until it was destroyed, along with all of its other iterations, when Meggan destroyed the aspect that existed in Otherworld in an effort to end Merlyn's manipulation of the team.[3]

Much later, the lighthouse was rebuilt so that Meggan and Brian could move there to raise their daughter, Maggie, in an adequate environment.[6]

Krakoan Restoration

It was eventually destroyed yet again, this time by High Priestess Marianna Stern and the Coven Akkaba, before Rogue -- encased by Flowers of Krakoa within a magically-induced coma -- took root, restoring the structure to create a Krakoan Habitat, a diplomatic biome interconnected to Krakoa's collective consciousness, as well as a Krakoan Gateway, a pathway leading directly to the island of Krakoa in the South Pacific, with the slumbering mutant herself serving as the revitalized lighthouse's beacon.[7]

Following the Hellfire Gala and the dissolution of Great Britain's alliance with Krakoa, Rictor returned to the Lighthouse and recruited the druids living beneath Cornwall to assist him in carving out a new island.[8]

Alternate reality versions

Tolkienian X-Men (Earth-13059)

Braddock Watchtower

In this reality the home of Captain Britain (Elspeth Braddock) is the Braddock Watchtower.[2]

Braddock Dynasty rules Britain (Earth-TRN904)

King James III Memorial Intelligence Center

After the ascension of James Braddock to the throne of Great Britain as "King James III", his crumbling family lighthouse was demolished and replaced with "The Lighthouse", a state-of-the-art facility that became the headquarters of the British intelligence. Queen Elizabeth III formally renamed it to King James III Memorial Intelligence Center after her father's passing.[9]


Former Residents


  • The original tower existed on Earth-616 (the Prime Earth) before the Phoenix Force projected its essence through the multiverse so that it existed on every plane of reality simultaneously. As a multiversal object, the tower was almost invulnerable but, once the tower that existed on Otherworld was destroyed, all the various forms of the tower on every other plane disintegrated along with it.[3]
  • Any and all towers that have been built on the site since the destruction of the original tower have not been multiversal in nature.
  • In Excalibur Vol 1, the Excalibur lighthouse was usually described only as being on the west coast of Britain. However, two issues did provide more specific information about its location.
    • In Excalibur #4, a scene showing the waterfront of a city "not far along the coast" from the lighthouse included three buildings that were identical to the Royal Liver Building, the Cunard Building, and the Port of Liverpool Building. This would seem to identify that city as being Liverpool and therefore in the north of England. More specifically, North West England.
    • In Excalibur #49, the Excalibur lighthouse was described as being “approximately one hundred and eighty miles northwest of London” which placed it near Liverpool. Additionally, a map in that issue showed its location as being slightly north of Liverpool (and off the coast due west of Formby).
  • Being near Liverpool would mean that the lighthouse was on the Irish Sea, as stated in Black Knight (Vol. 2) #2. However, Excalibur Special Edition #1 and Excalibur #28 both mention the Celtic Sea as being something that people travelling to or from the lighthouse would swim through or fly over.

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