Quote1 Lady, I'm a homicide detective working on an open case! This ain't Law and Order! I'm not just going to tell you all the facts of the case! Quote2
-- Brad Costello src

Brad Costello is a homicide detective working for the JCPD. He was assigned the case of Sophie Brownlee's murder. He called P.I. Jessica Jones after finding out Mrs. Brownlee had contacted her prior to her death.[1]

After hearing Jessica being kidnapped by Spot on the other line, Costello went to Jones' office in Manhattan, where he encountered her husband Luke Cage. They continued talking about Jessica as they stepped out of the building and found her on the street returning to her office, but she flew away immediately.[2]

Costello was later visited by Jessica Jones at his Jersey City precinct in order to offer her help with the Brownlee murder investigation. Brad directed her to the interrogation room, where they had Mr. Brownlee detained, who had been asking to talk to Jessica.[3]

Detective Costello is based, visually, on actor Giancarlo Esposito, known most famously for playing Gus Fring on Breaking Bad.[citation needed]

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