Bradley Shaw was a chemical scientist who created a Spider-Serum that would give him spider powers. He impersonated Spider-Man when committing crimes until he mutates into the Arachnoid: a mutant with the torso of a man and a spider's body from the waist down. Bradley Shaw went on a crime spree with Spider-Man’s powers and his costume, blaming Spider-Man for his crimes. The serum later began having a strange effect on both him and Spider-Man as their spider-senses started jamming one another, and Bradley Shaw later turned into a giant spider. After battling with the Spider-Friends, Spider-Man managed to give Shaw the antidote to his original formula, turning him into a human once again.[1]


Seemingly those of Spider-Man


Brilliant scientist who was able to create a serum that gave him powers similar to Spider-Man's

The general plot of this episode were both reused in the episode of Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends entitled Attack Of The Arachnoid.

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