Brag Beaver was the leader of a gang out outlaws during the days of the American Frontier. While he and his men rode through the outskirts of Caliber City, Texas, they rode through Hidden Valley and caught Lance Temple as he was maintaining his Texas Kid costume. Knocking Lance out, Brag realized that they discovered the true identity of the Texas Kid. Brag then came up with a plot to pose as the Texas Kid and rob the town. Attempts to ride Lance's horse Thunder failed and Lane was left tied to a tree while rattle snakes were smoked out of a nearby cave to bite him.

Brag and his men robbed Caliber City while posing as the Texas Kid, forcing the locals to treat their long time protector as an outlaw. Lance managed to break free and track down Brag and his gang. Catching Brag alone, Lance knocked him out and took back his costume. As the Texas Kid Lance gunned down Brag and his men. Later, the Texas Kid returned the stolen loot, telling the locals that the whole ordeal was a lesson to teach them that they had become too reliant of him to defend them.[1]



Brag carried six-guns.


Brag rode a horse.

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