The man known as the Brain was a powerful and wealthy business man in New York during the days of the American Frontier. After financially ruining his chief opponent Martin Beresford (driving Beresford to suicide) the Brain decided to use his wealth and power to take over the country and become a king. To this end he focused on building a castle near Buffalo Junction in the state of Texas. During his planning, he and his assistant Charles were attacked by June Beresford, Martin's daughter, who sought revenge against the Brain for her father's death. However the Brain easily disarmed her and had Charles take her away to be arrested and jailed.

Months later, the Brain's castle was complete and he relocated to it, he then hired a private army consisting of outlaws that lived in the region and used them to force people from their properties in order to expand his empire, all the while using his wealth and power to influence not only local law enforcement but the US Army as well. By this time, local Clay Tindall called on his old friend, the western outlaw known as Kid Colt to see the Brain's expansion in the west. After stopping the Brain's men from burning down Clay's ranch, Kid Colt decided to pay the Brain a visit. The Brain, not liking the opposition had his men chase Kid Colt away and then make another attempt to destroy Clay's ranch. Kid Colt however managed to head them off at the pass and block the mountain pass with rocks, blocking the army's path. This infuriated the Brain even more, who then used Kid Colt's outlaw status to force Marshall Bender to go to Clay's ranch and arrest him.

Kid Colt surrendered without issue but after seeing that the military was not doing routines in the Brain's castle, escaped determined to go to New York and find damning evidence about the Brain. The Marshall reported this to the Brain, who ordered him to go to New York to capture the outlaw, while at the same time sending a telegram to Charles to prepare an ambush for Kid Colt. This proved to be the Brain's undoing, as Bender did research on the Brain and learned about his shady business dealings. Marshall then assisted both Kid Colt and June Beresford in escaping Charles and his army of men and return to Buffalo Junction. The Brain set up a reception for them, but these me were also dealt with in lead. Kid Colt then raced to the Brain's hideout while the Marshall got the cavalry. Kid Colt then confronted the Brain explaining that his reign was soon over and that the law was coming to arrest him. Choosing to be the master of his own fate, the Brain instead jumped out of a nearby window, choosing death over capture. With their leader dead and the law coming, the Brain's militia fled from his castle. The castle was soon abandoned.[1]

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